The Chair

Live Your Best Look

Established 2021

Welcome to The CHAIR Master Barbers

The CHAIR is dedicated to delivering an exceptional service based on your personalized consultation tailored to YOUR personal lifestyle and grooming needs. Exhale into the chair and experience great conversation, music and a good joke or two.

Allow the story telling to begin as you immerse yourself into the comfort of a Takara-Belmont 100-year-old classic design barber chair, where laughter and music will always fill our shop; not to mention your best look! Now EXHALE into your CHAIR and allow the journey begin.

A Masterpiece in Architecture

Located inside the iconic building on Ramon designed by local architect Chris Mills, where the work of architecture blends with the structure and art of a precision cut and beard sculpture.

Step through our doors and immerse yourself in the charm and grandeur of our historic building where you’ll discover The CHAIR Master Barbers and 8 other personal care and grooming artists. Create a SPA day at Salon Suites East.

The Chair Chat

Barbershops have long been community “hubs” where community members connect with others. Barbershops are also a place where the most current information on what’s going in your community on can be shared. (Spill the ‘tea’ Tuesdays)

At “The CHAIR” we will provide you with connections to upcoming events and matters that are important to your well-being and health and where you’ll be able to network for anything imaginable.

Song of the Month

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